Pearl Moss Press is a small press run by artists Alix Villanueva and Alex Hackett, creating hand-bound artist books, publications and pamphlets.

The press explores entanglements between art and the natural world, finding the intimate within the landscape, unpacking multispecies relationships and exploring what it means to be human at the age of the Anthropocene.

Alongside our own publications, we offer creative editing for those wanting to delve into the world of independent publishing. We work closely and empathetically with our clients and offer edition consultation, editing, proofreading, printing and binding. In keeping with our ecological interests, we adopt a ‘scavenger’ ethos, working with found and repurposed materials and aligning ourselves to a zero-waste approach.

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Alix Villanueva
artist and cosmoecologist
Alex Hackett
artist and anthropogastronomist

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