for the blessed yet fearful 

Alex Hackett
A poetry collection drawing on the temporality of the landscape in the Netherlands. The texts investigate the continual renewal and adjustment of boundaries of land and water, the tenuous relationship between salt and sweet waters and transformation of liquid and solid matter. Parallels are investigated between elements of what we consider ‘natural’ landscapes and the non-human, and our personal and emotional states.

the water
so neutral it doesn’t taste at all
Yet it is muddied with sediment, with algae at its edge.
the temperature is tepid,
I miss the salt harshness of the sea
cold, with waves enlivening and playing,
you can see it that way.

Edition of ten poetry pamphlets, with text digitally printed on cartridge paper and a folded blue paper cover.

This publication was made in Amsterdam, the Netherlands and supported by the Cultureland Artist Residency programme.



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