Patience and the grass shall become milk
Alex Hackett
A publication on self preservation in relation to the landscape and domestic culture of the Netherlands.

The publication includes an essay reflecting on the continual renewal and adjustment of boundaries of land and water, the tenuous relationship between salt and sweet waters and transformation of liquid and solid matter. A collection of black and white photography features both landscape and the domestic. Curated selections of Dutch archival photography and painting alongside documentation of exhibited works resulting from the residency. Poetry scatters the last pages.

I work around the Dutch landscape slowly, adapting to a perhaps regimented road system, observing the cows, tasting the cheeses and thinking about the act of self preservation. At this time this was all I could begin to do. I move from the white gold of the asparagus to the white gold of sugar and salt, and investigate these substances buried in the land and the body. All whilst the asparagus grows older, tougher and grubbier.

Edition of ten large artist books, with black and white photography collections, essay, poetry and curated archival photography. This publication also includes the second edition of poetry pamphlet ‘for the blessed yet fearful’.

A publication by Alex Hackett in association with Pearl Moss Press.

This publication was supported by the Cultureland Artist Residency programme.



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