We offer others the possibility to realise bespoke hand-bound editions. Our ethos consists of working closely with our clients to define the content of their work and what form the edition might take. We offer our wealth of experience regarding the different advantages to running limited vs print-on-demand editions, as well as the sizes of the edition to match the intent of the project.

The Anthropocene is the word used to describe the strange epoch we inhabit in which humans have become geological agents. No portion of the Earth’s crust has been left untouched by our human practices.  We like to imagine that our publications might be composted if desired and leave as little an ecological footprint as possible, but a powerful lasting cultural impact instead. We also adopt a ‘scavenger’ ethos in regards to our material use. The latter is also why we don’t fully standardise our process and have to adapt to what we find. We stand against ‘Green Washing’, and instead of using materials that have gone through the recycling industry but might still have a large environmental footprint, we go directly to the source and repurpose the bi-products of our consumer culture. We enjoy the uniqueness of having a paper library, collecting from secondhand sources, charity shops and paper stocks which might have otherwise landed in a skip.

Pearl Moss Press is an artist partnership. Alex Hackett is an accredited proofreader, enabling us to offer the possibility to also proofread the project if that is desired by the client. Alix Villanueva has experience in editing and curating projects, and is able to offer guidance on layout and editing. Both artists bind their own books through Pearl Moss Press and have ample experience in the creation of small editions.

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